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The beach loungers


View from the Catamaran

Punta Cana is a mesmerizing caribbean island that has everything and more you have imagined. The coconut trees hovering over you when you lie in the beach, the white sand crystals that look like little drops of heaven and the endless blue waters that takes you to a tranquilizing state of mind.

All the three times I visited Punta Cana I stayed at the Riu Naiboa Resort which was a property who took pride in their interiors and landscaping; perfectly lawned tropical greenery surrounding the pearly white resort buildings. The property also had a huge swimming pool in the middle which has a number of slides and water entertainment along with an area which accommodated to a bubble party every Wednesday and Friday night. Sun-loungers provided the perfect comfort for the traveller that was looking to get a tan and drink cocktails all day.

The resort also provided various active sport activities such as water polo, white water rafting, tennis and kayaking. They also had a splash park which was accessible by all the Riu guests from all the 4 resorts that were spawned in the area. As much as I would have loved to spend my time just gazing at the sun from the sun lounger, I figured that it would be worthwhile to explore some areas nearby as the resort did provide quite a lot of paid day trips. I ended up going to Saona Island on a Catamaran Cruise. This trip was divided into three fantastic segments where the first stop was a ‘Natural Pool’ region and the guests got down into the pool along with their cocktails and just got to wade around for quite some time amidst the starfishes and other local sea creatures. After which we headed to the beachside restaurant to relish the mouthwatering barbeque and lobster buffets which were provided to us. Now all content and satisfied we hopped on the cruise to the ‘Hoyo Azul’ which was a hole of water in the cliff and was accessible to us after a hike to the top. This water hole was very different from any water body I had ever seen as it has a distinct turquoise shade and was guarded by limestone walls. So these were few of the  highlights of my trip.

So if you plan to visit Punta Cana anytime please feel free to reach out to me and I will tell you more interesting trips worth taking.

The Blue Hole

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