About me

Wine sommelier *Wine auction specialist *Public relations professional

I am a wine sommelier by profession who is passionately driven towards travelling around the world. My idea of self-development is experiencing the unknown, confronting unforeseen challenges, getting to know unfamiliar cultures and different ways of life.

I have done my Bachelor’s diploma in Hospitality Management from Switzerland, where I quickly recognized my love and deep interest in the art of winemaking during this time period. I went on to acquire a formal education from the Wine Sommelier Guild in Texas where I extensively learnt about the different styles of making white and red wine.

During this learning period I observed that the trend of wine tourism was growing in North America and that I could make full use of this niche market and make a stable career out of something so unique and also satisfy my ‘wanderlust’ urges. That brought me to Montreal where I did an IATA consultant program to gain more perspective on the geographical and cultural influences of North America which could help me to a great career start in Wine tourism. In order to update my knowledge on wines I did a  Postgraduate program in Wine Business Management. I am currently enrolled in the public relations program hoping to enrich the skills required to promote my future in the Wine Tourism business. 

I have created this blog to share a few of my travel experiences with you all. Hope you enjoy it!! If you have any questions for me please feel free to reach me at gmenon2@ncstudents.niagaracollege.ca and I would be happy to answer.